Connecting and using PCLOS-Talk (AKA - IM) Service

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You should have already signed up for all services at Service Signup. If not please do so now. You will be able to choose your username and password and an account will be created for you. You will receive an email confirmation that your accounts are being created.


You will need Pidgin installed. Since PCLinuxOS comes with four different desktops, install requirements will vary as follows;

  • Standard KDE (K Desktop Environment): Pidgin come preinstalled no additional installation necessary.
  • MATE Desktop: Pidgin is preinstalled.
  • LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment): Pidgin is not included in the initial install. It is easiest to install Pidgin from the Synaptic Package Manager.
  • Trinity Desktop Environment: Pidgin can easily be added using the Synaptic Package Manager.


Place your sign in information as pictured here:


Then Click Add. (More details to come, meanwhile see the below mentioned article).

For more information see PCLOS-Talk: Our Own Instant Messaging Service article in PCLOS magazine dated 12/2014