Helpful CLI commands in situations

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The intention here is to give user a set of commands that will extract some useful output regarding his present situation and allow him to post it at the forum to get better help or just to improve his knowledge of PCLinuxOS.

Although command line is generally thought to be for advanced users, there are plenty of situations where regular users too will have to at least do some basic work there. Hence this page.

Display or Graphics related situations

  • lspci
  • XFdrake

Sound related situations

  • lspci
  • arecord -l (lowercase l) - for mic related situation
  • arecord -L (uppercase L) - for mic related situation

Internet related situations

  • ifconfig
  • ifup
  • ifdown
  • ping
  • traceroute (may need to be installed from the repositories)

Kernel related situations

  • uname -a

General hardware related situations

  • lspci -v
  • lsusb
  • lshw


  • fdisk -l
  • blkid -c /dev/null

Filesystem related situations

  • ntfsfix - fix NTFS filesystem errors

Touchpad related situations

  • lspci?

Bluetooth related situations

  • bluetoothd -n -d
  • rfkill list
  • hciconfig -a
  • lsusb

Driver related situations

  • lsmod


  • iwconfig
  • ifconfig

Process management

  • top - lists all the processes
  • pstree -p - a tree view of running processes with their PID
  • kill PID - where PID is of the process intended to be killed
  • killall processname - where processname is the process to be killed