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How to create your own repository in PCLinuxOS

1. Create own place for repository.

For example i created repository folder in home folder

2. Create folder which will contained ... .rpm files, folder must have a a prefix " RPMS. "

For example inside repository folder I created folder RPMS.32bit.

3. Put rpm files inside RPMS.folder_name .

My example loks like this:

 └── user 
      └── repository
             ├── RPMS.32bit
             ├── libopenssl_1.0.0-arch32-1.0.2g-1pclos2016.i586.rpm
             ├── libopenssl-arch32-devel-1.0.2g-1pclos2016.i586.rpm
             └── openssl-arch32-1.0.2g-1pclos2016.i586.rpm

4. Open terminal / konsole and copy and paste this line, then edit path to your repository and click Enter

genbasedir --flat --bloat --progress /home/your_name_user/repository 32bit

    Should look something like this: 

$ genbasedir --flat --bloat --progress /home/user/repository 32bit
Components: 32bit
Processing pkglists... 32bit 0003/0003 [done]
Processing srclists... [done]
Updating component releases... 32bit [done]
Creating global release file... [done]
Appending MD5Sum... 32bit
All your base are belong to us!!! [done]

directory structure inside repository folder looks now this

$ tree
├── base
│   ├── pkglist.32bit
│   ├── pkglist.32bit.bz2
│   ├── release
│   └── release.32bit
└── RPMS.32bit
    ├── libopenssl_1.0.0-arch32-1.0.2g-1pclos2016.i586.rpm
    ├── libopenssl-arch32-devel-1.0.2g-1pclos2016.i586.rpm
    └── openssl-arch32-1.0.2g-1pclos2016.i586.rpm
2 directories, 7 files

Now you have ready repository ! :D

TIP: More option for genbasedir you can find with command

genbasedir --help

TIP: For .src.rpm files you can create folder with prefix SRPMS. , for examle: SRPMS.32bit

How add repository to Synaptic ?

1. Open Synaptic

2. Click: Settings --> Repositories

3. At the bottom, click New

4. Fill in empty fields.

For example I completed like this:

URI:           file:/home/user/
Distribution:    repository 
Section(s):     32bit

TIP: If you trying add local repository on hard drive, path should begin like file:/home/user/
If you have repository on the web, path should begin like http:/ /server/path

5 Click OK (the window closes and the changes should be saved). You can check the active list, click: Settings --> Repositories (in Synaptic)

6. In the upper left corner inside Synaptic, you have the icon Refresh, click it to refresh and load new repositories.

7. Ready ! :D

How refresh own repository ?

If you want add or remove .rpm files from repository, You need refresh database.

1. You use the command as before, for example:

genbasedir --flat --bloat --progress /home/your_name_user/repository 32bit

2. Ready, your repository database is refreshed, now close Synaptic if you have open, then you can open Synaptic again, click Refresh icon and use.


1. If you want refresh repository one command ...
- create a script in /usr/local/bin/ with name uprep

if  $EUID -ne 0 ; then
     echo " Warning: This script must be run as root! "
     echo " Try again as root, the end. "
apt-get clean;
genbasedir --flat --bloat --progress /home/user/repository 32bit ;
apt-get update

- change path and section name if you have other,
- give script execution rights
- and ready, run command from terminal to check: /usr/local/bin/uprep or just uprep

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Date of publication: Thu, 21 Apr 2016
Day update: Sun, 26 Jun 2016