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Using Netflix player with PCLinuxOS

by forum member newbi462


Get the netflix player from sourceforge: Netflixplayer.tar.gz


Extracting the the saved Netflixplayer.tar.gz file.

 Open a console widow and use the following command
 tar zcvf Netflixplayer.tar.gz

This will extract a file called in the same directory that the .tar.gz file was in.


provide the needed access:

  In a console window enter the following command
   su -c 'sh'
   You will be as for the root password. Enter your password and press you "Enter Key".
   Sit back and relax. During this time it is going to be to be doing a lot of things 
   and will install some software, like silverlight.
   After you have been returned to the command prompt we need to run the program.


How to run Netflix from cmd line:

Enter the following command.

  sh /usr/bin/
  Again relax a bit while the program installs some more software, like mono.
  When it has completed it will tell you that it has been successful. 
  Press the "Enter Key" to run the program.

Congratulations You should now see the Netflix page

Netflix Player Screen

The good news is it works, the bad news is it is basically Mozila running in a custom WINE bottle, tweaked to be some what app like... But it will let us watch Netflix on our Linux boxes so we're not complaining.


1.) The Netflix page sometimes renders a bit odd so you need to know the log in is in the upper left and to put in your user/pass

2.) For some reason it puts the link under the APPLICATION MENU > SOUND in the KDE menu, instead of media, so you might want to move it manually in the menu unless it being there does not bug you.

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