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email your package requests to
Please note this does not guarantee that your package request will be completed due to various reasons beyond the scope of this distribution.


Requests for new packages or updates to existing packages are done in the PCLinuxOS Forum using 2 dedicated boards: one for new package requests and one for requesting updates to existing packages.


Forum members with more than 10 posts have access to these boards and have a quota of 3 package requests per week (in total over the two boards). (Any more than this per user will result in the 4+ requests being deleted. Please do not abuse this rule)

When a request is made forum members can "vote" by adding a "+1" or "-1" post to the thread. Priority is given to the most popular requests. There should be no discussion in these threads (information useful to packagers e.g. license conditions, patches etc. is allowed).

Suggesting an application doesn't mean someone is going to build it right away. There are limited resources and we just don't have the time to work on every single request. The dev-team are maintaining thousands and thousands of packages (literally!), so patience is necessary. It will be worth the wait.

Always search the boards before making a request (including the Rejected Packages and Deferred Packages boards) to ensure it hasn't been requested already/before.

Regularly updated packages

Some essential packages are monitored by the dev-team and they will get updated by the packagers when time and resources are available and the update is working fine, and the updated package does not have any ill effects on other existing packages. Therefore do not request updates for

  • key components e.g. System Tools and Drivers, Kernel, Toolchain, KDE, NVIDIA/ATI-drivers., etc.
  • In-house applications: LibreOffice (lomanager), VirtualBox (getvirtualbox)
  • common applications, such as: Firefox, Thunderbird, DropBox, Calibre, FlashPlayer, Opera

These packages will be updated as needed.

Package request rules

Please do:

  • Give a brief description of the application.
  • Give the name of the application.
  • Provide links to website and sources.
  • Give a reason why you think the package should be added/updated
  • Vote for an application if you like it. (Limited to +1 or -1)
  • Thank the packager when a package has been added.

If you do not provide the first three, your post will be deleted and you will not be sent a PM. We're not going hunting for this stuff.

Please Do Not:

  • Request Alpha/Beta software, especially if a stable release is already in the repository.
  • Bump your suggestion.
  • Request more than one application per topic.
  • Email or private message anybody to suggest a package.
  • Post links to outside RPMs or advocate the installation of outside RPMs, tarballs, etc. The idea is to build a repository of stable, working packages, not show other users how to bork their installs.
  • Request applications targeted at server or development platforms. PCLinuxOS is a desktop distro. If you need those kinds of applications then please consider using something else.