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This page will list random things and solutions for unique problems.


We all have our favourite or useful tips to share. Please list yours here.

Restore DELETE option to Dolphin Right Click menu

By default KDE 4.8.3 shows only Move to trash in its Right Click menu. If you want it to show "Delete" too, then :

  • Dolphin Menu > Settings > Configure Dolphin > General > Context Menu Tick on Show "Delete" command.

Old style file operations progress indicator

Newer versions of KDE beyond 4.x.x series use the system tray for notification. This applies to file operations as well. However if you wish to have the old style of pop-up notifications, please follow this method :

  • Right-Click on the System Tray Notifications icon.
  • Select Notification Settingd.
  • Uncheck File transfers and other jobs checkbox.

When to NFS or Samba

Here are some examples of when to use Samba and when to use NFS:

Server O/S  Client O/S  Use Samba or NFS?
----------  ----------  -----------------

Linux         Linux        NFS
Windows       Linux        Samba
Linux         Windows      Samba
Windows       Windows      Samba