Rebuild Synaptic Database

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Problem : Synaptic has seemed to quit working.

Synaptic loads up but doesn't load the list and the menu's are grayed out.

Reason - It could be that the Synaptic database is corrupted. Solution - Open a terminal and enter these commands:

  [<you>@localhost ~]$ su 
     <Then press enter>
     <Enter the root password>

Remove the corrupt database:

  [root@localhost <you>]# rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db.* 
     <Then press enter>

Rebuild the database:

   [root@localhost <you>]# rpm -vv --rebuilddb 
     <Then press enter>

You'll see a lot of text scroll by, this may take sometime to complete. Let it finish!

Check for duplicate installed packages:

   [root@localhost ~]# dupeclean
     <Then press enter>

Clean out apt:

   [root@localhost ~]# apt-get clean
     <Then press enter>
   [root@localhost ~]# apt-get autoclean
     <Then press enter>

Close the terminal and try Synaptic again.

Database rebuild information provided by forum member old-polack and Texstar