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Cheat codes/boot codes

I don't have a reference list ...... maybe if there is one someone will jump in.

Here are a few to begin with ......

                    <--- PCLOS --->          <--- Meaning --->
                       debug                     (DEBUG=y)
                       md5sum                    (domd5=y)
                       splash=silent             (silent=y)
                       unionfs=no                (dounionfs=n)
                       copy2ram                  (toram=y)
                       nocd                      (nocd=y)
                       nohd                      (nohd=y)
                       fromusb                   (usblive=y)
                       livecd=*                  <path to *.sqfs file>
                       bootfromiso=*             <path to *iso file>
                       changes_dev=              <path to where the changes are located for persistence>
                       changes_file=             <path to special changes file for persistence>
                       initrd                    <Only boot the initrd>

                <--- For LiveCD use --->
                      fstab=                     <auto/noauto,ro/rw>
                      home=usb                   <Allows you to use the guest account to save and store settings.>
                      noeject                    <Disable the ejection of the CD on shutdown.>
                      noscsi                     <Disable the probing of SCSI devices at boot.>
                      nousb                      <Disable the probing of USB devices at boot.>
                      nopcmcia                   <Disable the probing of PCMCVIA devices at boot.>
                      nonetwork                  <Disable probing for network at boot.>
                      nosound                    <Disable probing for soundcard at boot.>
                      xdrv=                      <Specify the xdriver such as fbdev or nv>
                      xbpp=                      <Specify the bitdepth for X - can be one of 8, 15, 16, 24 or 32>
                      xres=                      <Specify the resolution for X. - can be one of 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024 or 1600×1400>
                      hwdetect=                  no <Don't run the hardware detection script.>
                      keyb=                      <valid keyboard map such as   us,ie, de etc>

I am sure there are lots more that can be added ...... if someone else would care to jump in with the info.

From a post made by Forum Member Just19