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To create your own LiveCD you can use mylivecd this makes an exact copy of your system at any point in time and makes it into an installable LiveCD ISO. From there K3B or your favorite burning program should be able to burn the ISO onto a CD/DVD. Mylivecd should already be installed on your system, accessed through the system start menu or the terminal. Mylivecd will create a clone of your installation, which, when burned to a DVD, will be bootable and installable on the original machine, or another computer. You may exclude specific files or directories (/home, data, music, etc.) You may wish to run mylivecd before updating with Synaptic in case you run into problems. With /home on a separate partition, you can reinstall and keep all your settings and desktop tweaks. Your /data partition remains untouched provided that you only format the / (root) partition during reinstall.

To access your newly created iso backup, you will need to be in 'Super User" mode: PC > System > File Tools > File Manager-Super User Mode.

Tip - if you are using it to install on another PC, use the option "Run Hardrake at Boot", to detect any "different hardware” (also works if you install on machine A, and put the HDD in machine B).

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