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The Synaptic Software Manager is where PCLinuxOS users update, install and remove programs.


ALWAYS click Reload after starting Synaptic. This will get the latest package list from the repository. There are currently over 14,000 packages in the repository.

There is only one MASTER repository but this is mirrored by various servers around the world. Usually one which is geographically closest to you will be the fastest but it all depends on how your Internet Service Provider manages it's international links.

To Change repository mirror

1. Open Synaptic by clicking on the Synaptic icon Synaptic-icon-new.png on your taskbar or selecting Software Center->Synaptic Package Manager from the main menu.

2. Click on Settings and choose Repositories.


3. De-select the Enabled box for the current mirror then click the Enabled box for the mirror you want to use.


4. Click 'OK'

5. A warning dialog box will open.


6. click on 'CLOSE'

7. Now click on 'RELOAD'. Synaptic will now download the most current package list from the selected repository mirror.


You are now ready to use Synaptic.

Please Note: DO NOT select more than one mirror at a time. The mirrors sync from the master at different times and so updating from more than one mirror may lead to a corrupted install causing your system to fail.

Further information about the repository can be found in Repository Sections and Mirrors

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