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Warning: All Linux distributions are recommending installing software from the repository,because you can be sure that they will work.
However you can test other software, but you must know that not all software from outside the repository may work.

Program, software, game not working.

The repository

You can install games from Synaptic in PCLinuxOS

Managers games


You can install Steam from Synaptic in PCLinuxOS ( Dota 2 game is free on Steam )
web site Steam:


You can install djl from Synaptic in PCLinuxOS ( djl working but the project looks abandoned )

Links refreshed 10.01.2015
Forum djl:
Web Site djl:


I have not tested
Web site Desura:

I tested Karaokeyboard-2014 and Sky Rogue Alpha 22, these are portable games and working for me.
Web site

Portable Games

These are applications which in theory should work in every Linux distributions.
Unfortunately, not always the case.
Part of the application does not work on every linux because have depending which sometimes not available on other linux distribution.

Click to read more about Portable games.

Windows apps

Wine lets you run Windows applications on Linux.
Do not deceive one another, Windows applications on linux will not work just as on windows.

- some apps will not working
- sometimes wine and windows java needs to support the your hardware in linux
More info about wine you get in

You can install wine from repository.

Exist also also other tools:
- PlayOnLinux, website:

  • (you can install from repository)

- Cedega,
- CrossOver, website:

I invite you look for in google, you can find more info about this tools.