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PCLinuxOS has a script called mylivecd which can be used to create an installable image of the currently running system. This process is known as remastering and creates an ISO image which can be installed in the same way as the official installation ISOs. The remaster will contain all the configuration and customization present on the system used to create it. This can be re-installed on the same system (i.e. act as a system backup) or can be installed on another system.

Available community derived flavors

Some community members have used this facility to make customized versions of PCLinuxOS available to the community. These may be to provide alternative Desktop Environments or other language environments (for example the Brazilian Edition). Support for these community versions is provided by the community rather than the dev-team. These community releases can be found here: community-releases.

Here are the rules to be followed for a remaster to be recognized as a community remaster :

  • The submitted remaster must have the same hardware recognition as the official versions. That is, it should provide up-to-date hardware support as provided by the official ISOs. This means that remasters must always include the latest available stable kernel, firmware, the latest available stable drivers, including but not limited to network and wireless drivers, video drivers, tools for configuring hardware etc.
  • The submitted remaster should have a standard set of minimal services set to start at boot such as acpid, alsa, atd, cron, cpufreq, D-BUS/messagebus, network, sound, udev-post, uuid etc.
  • The submitted remaster should not intentionally remove any functionality of standard configuration tools. PCLinuxOS control center should be available and usable.
  • The submitted remaster must retain full compatibility with existing repositories. Do not pin packages as this causes update problems for users. Do not add experimental features to the kernel or add dkms modules not in our repository.
  • The submitted remaster should not include packages or scripts from outside the official repository, other than general in-situ configurations, themes and wallpapers. If there are particular packages required - request their inclusion into the repository prior to submitting the remaster.

SOURCE : Forum post by Hootiegibbon http://www.pclinuxos.com/forum/index.php/topic,104310.0.html

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