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  • Some software is flavor specific while others apply to all PCLinuxOS flavors.

This page lists software created specifically for PCLinuxOS.

It has been compiled from suggestions by forum members here : http://www.pclinuxos.com/forum/index.php/topic,94552.0.html

Software Developer
-------------------- --------------------
LOmanager pinoc
Live USB Creator Just19
Get Virtualbox Texstar
Redo MBR  ?
addlocale pinoc
systeminfo Daniel (Leiche)
simple sysinfo Daniel (Leiche)
lxautostart Daniel (Leiche)
pkgutils  ?
lxcursor Neal with help from pinoc
lxdecc Daniel (Leiche) and Neal
screenie Daniel (Leiche) and Neal
EZSwitch Neal and community
MyLiveCD Texstar and etjr
TouchpadToggle parnote
PCLinuxOS PVR 0.3 parnote
MyMencoderDVD Daniel (Leiche)
MyMencoder Daniel (Leiche)
PCLinuxOS ZipPlayer Daniel (Leiche)
PCLinuxOS FLV and MP4 Player and Convertor Daniel (Leiche)
Repo speed test travisn000
FullMonty pinoc
dupeclean-gui pinoc
dupeclean Don Crissi
RPM Installer Daniel (Leiche)
update-notifier maik3531 and Daniel (Leiche)
qt-update-notifier muungwana
sleeptimer Daniel (Leiche)
alert-clock Daniel (Leiche)
bash_trans Daniel (Leiche)
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