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  • Relevant to all editions of PCLinuxOS.



A Repository in the context of PCLinuxOS means the central storage of all software available for PCLinuxOS. Unlike many other Linux distributions where software is obtained from different repositories depending on the type or origin of software etc., PCLinuxOS only has one repository for all of its software. There is no support for "3rd party" repositories as this would make it impossible to maintain a stable rolling release distro.

Repository mirrors

Although there is only one master repository there are many mirrors of this repository distributed around the world. These mirrors regularly sync from the main repository and so should be reasonably up to date. It should be possible to find a mirror which gives a good download speed. Usually it will be one which is geographically closest to you but ultimately it depends on the links your Internet Service Provider has.

IMPORTANT You should only enable one repository mirror in Synaptic otherwise doing an update may fail. This is because different mirrors sync at different times and so may have different versions of software at any one time.

Changing mirrors can be done by the following method :

  • Open Synaptic > Settings > Repositories. Here you will get a window with scrollable list of repositories. Put a tick mark against the mirror of your choice.
    (Note that as explained above, even though it seems to be a list of repositories, in case of PCLinuxOS it actually is just a list of mirrors.)
    You should have only 1 selected in the whole list.
  • Depending on your location and speed of the mirror, you may select any one, they are all the same.
  • Remember to click Reload on the toolbar if you change the mirror before proceeding with any update or software installation.


The list of repository mirrors is stored in the file /etc/apt/sources.list. This file is maintained by the apt-sources-list package which will be updated as and when the list of mirrors changes. However, updating this package resets the selected mirror back to the default. To avoid this you can copy your sources.list file to sources.list.custom which will ensure you keep your selected configuration.

The latest list of available mirrors can be found in the forum PCLinuxOS Synaptic File/Software Mirror Status Report,87378.0.html

The master repository from which all mirrors sync is located at

You can browse the directory structure here to see the packages available in the repository. The packages are stored in subdirectories which correspond with the sections configured in Synaptic/apt.

  • RPMS.x86_64 Hold the bulk of the packages which make up the PCLinuxOS distribution
  • RPMS.kde5 Packages specific to KDE Plasma 5 desktop
  • RPMS.xfce4 Packages specific to XFCE desktop

There are other sections such as test, unstable and retro which may need to be enabled for specific advanced use cases but users should not enable these routinely.

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