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[Bash Beginners Guide]
[http://pclinuxoshelp.com/bashpdf/Learning-Linux-Shell-Scripting.pdf Bash Beginners Guide]
[Bash Advanced Scripting Guide]
[http://pclinuxoshelp.com/bashpdf/Bash-Beginners-Guide.pdf Bash Advanced Scripting Guide]
[Bash Reference Manual]
[http://pclinuxoshelp.com/bashpdf/bash-reference-manual.pdf Bash Reference Manual]
[Bash Notes]
[http://pclinuxoshelp.com/bashpdf/bash-notes.pdf Bash Notes]
[Learning Linux Shell Scripting]
[http://pclinuxoshelp.com/bashpdf/Learning-Linux-Shell-Scripting.pdf Learning Linux Shell Scripting]
[UNIX Tutorial]
[http://pclinuxoshelp.com/bashpdf/unix_tutorial.pdf UNIX Tutorial]

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Tutorials for Creating Bash Scripts

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Bash Beginners Guide

Bash Advanced Scripting Guide

Bash Reference Manual

Bash Notes

Learning Linux Shell Scripting

UNIX Tutorial