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(update PCLinuxOS ISO's release)
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<i>&nbsp;&nbsp;Download via [http://pclinuxoshelp.com:80/index.php/About_bittorrent BitTorrent]&nbsp;: </i>
<i>&nbsp;&nbsp;Download via [http://pclinuxoshelp.com:80/index.php/About_bittorrent BitTorrent]&nbsp;: </i>
* KDE [https://linuxtracker.org/index.php?page=torrent-details&id=b4b1ed47eface157c5094ae41abb4d558cd0b67c Torrent] [magnet:?xt=urn:btih:WSY62R7PVTQVPRIJJLSBVO2NKWGNBNT4 Magnet]
* KDE [https://linuxtracker.org/index.php?page=torrent-details&id=4a1c17e79a7c9906c693200cee46fd822e787245 Torrent]  
* MATE [https://linuxtracker.org/index.php?page=torrent-details&id=0aef5007195c621a2ed158655328b3f5f9b8961d Torrent] [magnet:?xt=urn:btih:BLXVABYZLRRBULWRLBSVGKFT6X43RFQ5 Magnet]
* MATE [https://linuxtracker.org/index.php?page=torrent-details&id=8aecb8258179663944525eccd99870a46f55cf34 Torrent]
<i>&nbsp;&nbsp;Preloaded Discs&nbsp;: </i>
<i>&nbsp;&nbsp;Preloaded Discs&nbsp;: </i>
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<b> Community releases </b><br>
<b> Community releases </b><br>
<i> &nbsp;&nbsp;[https://pclosusers.com/communityiso Collection]&nbsp;: </i>
<i> &nbsp;&nbsp;[https://pclosusers.com/communityiso Collection]&nbsp;: </i>
* [https://repo.pclosusers.com/pclinuxos/live-cd/64bit/pclinuxos-kde5-darkstar-2018.06.iso DarkStar 2018.06] &bull; [https://repo.pclosusers.com/pclinuxos/live-cd/64bit/pclinuxos-kde5-darkstar-2018.06.md5sum md5sum]
* [https://pclosusers.com/communityiso/KDEandMiniMe/pclinuxos-kde-darkstar-2019.0315.iso DarkStar] &bull; [https://pclosusers.com/communityiso/KDEandMiniMe/pclinuxos-kde-darkstar-2019.0315.md5sum md5sum]
* [http://pclosusers.com/communityiso/Xfce/community-pclinuxos64-Xfce-2018.10.iso XFCE 2018.10] &bull; [http://pclosusers.com/communityiso/Xfce/community-pclinuxos64-Xfce-2018.10.iso.md5sum md5sum]
<!-- * [http://pclosusers.com/communityiso/Xfce/community-pclinuxos64-Xfce-2018.10.iso XFCE 2018.10] &bull; [http://pclosusers.com/communityiso/Xfce/community-pclinuxos64-Xfce-2018.10.iso.md5sum md5sum]
* [http://pclosusers.com/communityiso/Xfce/community-pclinuxos64-Xfce-Base-2018.10.iso XFCE Base 2018.10] &bull; [http://pclosusers.com/communityiso/Xfce/community-pclinuxos64-Xfce-Base-2018.10.iso.md5sum md5sum]
* [http://pclosusers.com/communityiso/Xfce/community-pclinuxos64-Xfce-Base-2018.10.iso XFCE Base 2018.10] &bull; [http://pclosusers.com/communityiso/Xfce/community-pclinuxos64-Xfce-Base-2018.10.iso.md5sum md5sum]
* [https://pclosusers.com/communityiso/LXDE/community-pclinuxos64-lxde-2018.01.iso LXDE 2018.01] &bull; [https://pclosusers.com/communityiso/LXDE/community-pclinuxos64-lxde-2018.01.md5sum md5sum]
* [https://pclosusers.com/communityiso/LXDE/community-pclinuxos64-lxde-2018.01.iso LXDE 2018.01] &bull; [https://pclosusers.com/communityiso/LXDE/community-pclinuxos64-lxde-2018.01.md5sum md5sum] -->
* [https://pclosusers.com/communityiso/Trinity/community-pclinuxos64-TDE-2018.07.iso TDE 2018.07] &bull; [https://pclosusers.com/communityiso/Trinity/community-pclinuxos64-TDE-2018.07.md5sum md5sum]
* [https://pclosusers.com/communityiso/Trinity/ Trinity]

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Welcome to

PCLinuxOS Knowledge Base

"The place where you learn PCLinuxOS"

At present there are 307 pages and 22 articles here.

PCLinuxOS is about freedom, not just the free you get when you don't have to pay for something, but the kind of freedom to do what you will with it, and to use it in any manner or fashion that best fits your needs and intentions. It is truly by the people, of the people, for the people.

The Philosophy of PCLinuxOS is :

  • It is done when it is done
  • Use the best software available for the task, does not matter if it is Qt, GTK etc
  • Be focused on the desktop.

Currently this wiki is being restored from a backup. Until the work is complete you are likely to see missing links and outdated formatting. Please bear with us while we work on getting it back to proper shape.

News and announcements

  • 2018 Sep 02 : XFCE 2018.09 Full and Base community ISOs released.
  • 2018 Jul 24 : Work on restoring the Main Page has begun in earnest. Old design is being copied manually from archives and restored delicately keeping as much formatting as possible.
    Some details may look different.

Table of contents

PCLinuxOS (abbreviated pclos) is a Linux distribution written from bottom to top with you, the new Linux user, in mind.


Get, Test and Install PCLinuxOS

PCLinuxOS and Hardware

  • Hwinfo can be used to get details about your hardware • Learning about your hardware • Resolution size

Update and Maintain PCLinuxOS

Customize PCLinuxOS


HowTo pages

The HowTo section contains many pointed and in-detail articles addressing a single issue. For example :

Errors and solutions

The Errors and solutions section lists many common and uncommon errors you might come across in your day to day usage. It explains the cause where known and lists the possible solution(s).



This Advanced section lists pages that require slightly advanced knowledge of Linux beyond point and click ability. You may often be found deep in the command line while following pages listed here. Also not following instructions correctly might result in severe damage to your PCLinuxOS installation.

Get PCLinuxOS

Official releases
  Download via HTTP or FTP :

  Download via BitTorrent :

  Preloaded Discs :

  • None at present

Community releases
  Collection :

Contribute / Develop

Contributions for the development of PCLinuxOS are accepted in various ways including but not limited to :

Editing the Wiki

You need to have an account with us and logged in before you can edit this wiki. Checkout PCLinuxOS Wiki:Syntax before editing this wiki. Feel free to add to this wiki, however, keep the content appropriate and useful. This is not the place to report bugs or to request help. You can try the wiki syntax in the Sandbox, the test page.

In case you still find it difficult to understand and follow the syntax, do not fear. We have a special Content dump page where you can just enter the content you know will be useful without worrying about formatting. Someone will come along and do the job for you later.